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GESTOR Strengthens its Presence in Colombia with Fiduciaria Davivienda

We welcome Fiduciaria Davivienda from Colombia since it has chosen GESTOR as its technological ally for the automation of its trust operations with our Solution Gestor Trust. This is the second entity of the Bolivar Group that has chosen GESTOR since we automated the fiduciary operation of Banco Davivienda Honduras in 2016.

Fiduciaria Davivienda is part of the Bolivar Group, and is one of the leading companies in the trust sector in Colombia as well as in its operations in Central America.

Gestor Trust will allow our client to improve the automation of its operation, increase its business volume and minimize operational risk. GESTOR aims to support Fiduciaria Davivienda in its digital transformation process as its strategic ally, providing technological solutions for its business.

At GESTOR we are committed to the success of this important project.

To learn more about Fiduciaria Davivienda, access to:

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