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Automation of your Trust Management, to minimize the operational risk of your business


Gestor Boards is a technological application that gives you a comprehensive view of your businesses and customers easily, through insights, charts and dynamic reports.

Key Features


Dashboards with financial and operational indicators.


Generation of dynamic reports.


Full integration into the GESTOR Software Ecosystem


Charts of the current situation and evolution of your business


Specialized Regulatory Reporting Module (RegTech)

Analytics and reporting to improve control of your business and make timely decisions

Los principales beneficios que ofrece Gestor Boards son:

Real-time information about
your business and customers

Save time and costs in
your operational tasks

Focus on development and
evolution of your business

Online access 24/7, from
any device and place

Flexibility to integrate with third-party applications

Security in controlling
user profiles

Who uses Gestor Boards?


Management Team

An interactive, comprehensive view of your business, using financial and operational indicators, along with customized charts and reports


Business analysts

Centralized information about day-to-day operations, makes it easy to filter data by business type, as well as execute and share reports with your team and regulatory entities


Sales Team

View customer information, easily create sales reports, lead reports and observe real-time business goals

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