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API Services Platform that integrates GESTOR Solutions with Financial Institutions Systems 


Integration with Financial Institutions


Gestor Open Finance is a SaaS platform that allows our clients to integrate
GESTOR Solutions Ecosystem with the systems and applications of the
Financial Institutions, automating processes.


What are the benefits for your institution?

Gestor Open Finance allows our clients to save time and cost, through the automation of payment and collection processes with Financial Institutions.

It is a SaaS Solution, therefore the customer does not need to implement additional tools in their technological infrastructure.

Integrated Financial Institutions


More Financial Institutions will soon join Gestor Open Finance

Applications on Gestor Open Finance

We currently have an application to manage Payment Orders in a centralized way and we are developing more technological applications within Gestor Open Finance to automate more business processes.


What is Gestor Wallet

Es una aplicación tecnológica que permite AUTORIZAR de forma centralizada, las órdenes de pago de todas las Entidades financieras integradas a la plataforma.

Benefits for your Institution

Saving time in the approval of payment orders, avoiding the use of different tools used by Financial Institutions.


  • Automatic loading of payment orders, processed in Gestor Trust.

  • Consulting and processing (Approval / Rejection) of payment orders.

  • Automatic sending of approved payment orders, for their processing in each of the Financial Institutions integrated to Gestor Wallet.

Contact us to learn more about Gestor Open Finance and the functionality for your business:

Gestor Wallet
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