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GESTOR as an Ally in the Digital Transformation of your Business

The financial market is constantly demanding new technological platforms for the automation of its businesses and the digitalization of services for its clients. Even more in the current context, due to the worldwide emergency declared due to the Coronavirus pandemic (SARS-COV-2), which has significantly impacted people's habits and the way they interact on a daily basis in their commercial or business relationships. This has forced many financial institutions to seek and quickly implement technological solutions that provide efficiency and security to their daily operations, to meet the new needs of their customers.

For that reason, in GESTOR we continue developing integral technological solutions for the Trust and Investment Funds Sector, becoming a strategic ally in the digital transformation process of our clients.

The GESTOR Technology Solutions Ecosystem has evolved according the needs of our clients and can be implemented in the Cloud, making remote work a breeze for your entire organization.

Our proposal is based on 3 fundamental pillars, which we explain below:

  1. Business Automation: Gestor Trust & Funds is the platform that allows a complete control over all the aspects concerning the administration of trusts and investment funds, savings, and pension, enabling the automation of all the back office processes of the business. On the other hand, Gestor Boards is the tool that provides you an integral vision of the business, transforming data into valuable and intelligent information for timely and accurate decision making added to a dynamic report generator. Gestor Billing automates the complete electronic invoicing process, both for emission and reception of vouchers, and it is incorporated into the Core solution.

  2. Customer Service Self-Management: We offer more tools to our user institutions for the self-management of the services they offer to their customers, through the following Digital Platforms: Gestor E-Banking, a solution-focused on automating the most common and highest value transactions for the clients of investment funds or trusts, which includes functionalities for redemption requests, contribution notifications, payment instructions, representative assignment, consultations and reports, among others that optimize the operational load of the financial institutions. Gestor Bot, a technological solution developed with artificial intelligence, with the ability to interact with users through messaging apps, answering to user queries under a conversational model. Open Trust & Funds, an API Rest service platform that allows the integration of the Gestor Solutions Ecosystem with third-party apps, allowing us to provide more self-management and autonomy to our customers.

  3. Autonomy and Evolution in the Business of Our Current and Future Clients: Gestor RPA, a technological solution that promotes the automatization of processes in your business, allows you to save time and costs, as well as creating new sources of income. We are currently exploring innovative technologies such as Blockchain to enhance the autonomy of our customers, focusing on the smart management of contract through the implementation of Smart Contracts, a technology that automatically and autonomously executes registered agreements between two or more parties.

For GESTOR, walking alongside our clients in the transformation and expansion of their businesses is a fundamental part of our business model based on offering better opportunities in this new digital environment.

To learn more about our technological solutions send an email to

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