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FIDUCIA se actualiza con Gestor E-Banking 4.0

Our Customer FIDUCIA S.A. has decided to update Gestor E-Banking hacia to version 4.0., with the aim of optimizing the service it provides to its clients of Investment Funds and Trusts.

GESTOR launched Gestor E-Banking 4.0 in august 2018; In this version, new functionalities were incorporated that make it possible to boost self-management of services by clients of our user institutions.

The most outstanding features of the latest version of Gestor E-Banking, are focused on automating the most common transactions with the highest value for its clients, who can now perform:

  1. Withdrawal requests with the option of withdrawing money or transferring it to other funds.

  2. Assign representatives and configure the permissions that they will have for each product, achieving greater security.

  3. Electronic document validation through verification code for third parties.

FIDUCIA S.A. Since 2011 it has trusted in GESTOR, automating its operation with Gestor Trust & Funds, incorporating a digital channel of services for its clients with Gestor E-Banking.

We are grateful to FIDUCIA S.A. for trusting in GESTOR, throughout these years.

To learn more about our technology solutions, please send an email to

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