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Customer Experience, the First Step to Digital Transformation

The digital transformation or industrial revolution 4.0, consists on using technology in a business environment, from production to customer-related processes. Many companies facing intense competition have evolved towards this transformation, however, few have achieved it quickly and above all, successfully.

Facing the challenge of innovating and transforming is not an easy task, and brings hundreds of challenges that must be taken into account in these processes. The most common mistake is believing that digital transformation is only to incorporate software development to the operational core of the companies, a mistake that is aggravated when the process of evolution is not assumed by the fundamental part of the company and is delegated to a third party as a consultative process. In this case the result will probably fail. The digital transformation process must be led by the main decision-makers and permeated through the whole organization as a critical factor for long term sustainability.

The 4.0 revolution will not be "revolutionary" for companies that decide to advance towards the digital transformation, if it’s not thought from the loyalty to the client’s brand and well-being, or to improve the customer experience. This leads not only to a transformation based on software development, on Big Data analysis, or on the presence of companies in the cloud; it also requires a deep analysis of the social impact of the brand, knowing the emotions that the goods or services that are marketed arouse in the clients, and how to constantly improve them.

Innovative ideas must be built from the external perspective of customers and the internal vision of the organization. When these visions are analyzed, focusing on improving customer wellbeing and company productivity, is when the digital transformation begins to make sense. Subsequently, and applying for technological advances, a whole process of transformation will begin, which will constantly evolve, allowing companies to have the necessary tools to improve customer experience, generating loyalty and promoting the brand.

Automation in business administration, self-management in customer service, and autonomy for business’ evolution, are a big part of GESTOR’s pillars which have allowed us to enhance our ecosystem of technological solutions, relying on our corporate culture, with which we seek to be agents of change, to ensure the transformation of our customers and, consequently, end-users’ experience.

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